Welcome to The Healing Center

Our goal as a Healing Center, and my goal as an Energy Coach, is to provide a space for learning, inspiration and empowerment.
As we learn about the role of energy in our lives, we begin to identify what stands in the way of who we are and what we desire. It is wonderful when we start to recognize the energetic frequency that lives within us, around us, and within others. This awareness affords us the opportunity to be more proactive in our lives. We begin to understand how different energies play a role in our relationships and our behaviors. When we gain this view, we gain clarity in creating a path that leads us to our dreams. When we become aware of what the energy around us is communicating, we open the door to creating energy that will support and nourish what we desire.

Some questions to consider:
Do you wish to soften your energy in one area of your life to create flexibility in another?
Do you wish to transform your energy to create the stability necessary to move forward on your path?
Do you wish to become more aware of the energies that become active that lead you into behaviors that are undesirable?
Is their an energetic dynamic in a certain relationship that is creating negative responses?
How can you create a model of protection so that your energies become supported and not drained?

Everyone is unique in how energy has played a role in their lives, and we strive to honor that process by working intimately to shift these energies on a personal level. Each one of us has had life circumstances that has lead us to our own unique place in the world. And each one of us has a unique path to healing and transforming those energies into a life that supports and nurtures our dreams and desires. It is our goal at The Healing Center to assist you on this path.