About Elisha


Hello, my name is Elisha and I am an Energy Coach.

I truly believe that everything is energy and with balanced energy everything is possible!!

I started my career in working with energy by becoming a Reiki Practitioner in 2002. While developing my ability to move and inspire energy to transform, I felt guided to the studies of psychology and metaphysics. I was very drawn to the teachings of Louise Hayes and the understanding that illness and wellness are both created with the alignment we have with our body, mind and spirit. I began to earn my undergraduate degree in Counseling psychology and later went on to study alternative methods of healing. Alternative methods of healing appealed to me because the nature of traditional counseling and the focus of pharmaceuticals was far less inspiring then the beauty of focusing on the gifts of the individual I was working with.

While working as an NLP Life Coach and Reiki Practitioner I began to have visions while in sessions with clients. I become increasingly aware of the energetic frequency that was surrounding them and how the energy was created. Not long after that I started to notice that this information was supporting the process of healing and how I treated these clients. I was eventually lead to develop my communication with spirit. At this time I felt inspired to go on to earn my Masters in Transpersonal Psychology. I have since been fortunate to offer all of my talents to come through as I work with my clients.

I work to offer a sacred space that is understanding, inspiring and empowering. I enjoy the process of working with each individual and their own unique chemistry to create the changes that they wish for. It is through my education and intuitive connection that I work to help the light within the individual become the light that guides them. We all have the ability to heal ourselves and to embrace our intuition if we so desire. It is with great pleasure that I work to inspire this transformation.

Bachelors in Counseling Psychology- Grand Canyon University
Master (Candidate) Transpersonal Psychology- Sofia University

NLP Life Coach- Bennett Stellar University
Psychic Medium- First United Metaphysical Chapel
Reiki Master/Teacher- Traditional Usui Reiki Lineage
Time Line Coach and Trauma Release Specialist- Bennett Stellar University
Clinical Hypnotherapist- Bennett Stellar University