The term mediumship refers to a process whereby a physically embodied person, called a medium, serves as a mediator or vehicle for communication or information originating with human spirits that have survived the deaths of their physical bodies and are now existing in the afterlife spirit realm.

A medium usually has a variety of psychic skills, but the underlying purpose behind them is threefold; to prove the existence of life after death, to console and advise others and to further develop their own spirituality. How a medium comes to be is based on many factors. Elisha was born with this gift. She has seen and felt spirit around her since she was a small child, and has chose to develop this gift as an adult. Others come to it later because of a bereavement, when they seek the services of medium, and then go on to learn the skills themselves.

In what is called clairaudience, the medium may hear with “the mind’s ear” the voice of the communicator or loved one that has crossed over.

Another form of communication available is clairsentience. This experience allows the medium to feel the emotions transferred from the loved one or communicator from the spirit realm.

Alternatively, the medium may operate in a clairvoyant manner, “seeing with the mind’s eye”, receiving information in some kind of visual or imagistic or mental imaging way not involving normal open-eyed perception.

There are many other forms of communication that take place between mediums and spirit. Examples would be; Clairgustance is when the medium experiences tasting something the spirit would like to relay, such as a grandmother’s homemade pie. Clairalience is experienced through the smell of something recognizable from spirit. Maybe a grandfather’s cigar or someone’s perfume.